India’s Gems & Jewellery Industry



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Of the publicly listed companies, 10% of the companies have revenues exceeding USD 400 million and are segmented as large sized companies. This is followed by companies with a turnover in the range of...

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Sector Update

The gems and jewellery sector forms an important part of the Indian economy. Gems and jewellery exports are the backbone of the sector and in fact an important part of the nations overall exports too. The sector has...

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Trade Scenario

Total exports of gems and jewellery rose from USD 35 billion in FY14 to USD 36.2 billion in FY15. This growth was mainly due increase in gold jewellery exports which rose from USD 8.3 billion in FY14 to USD 9.8 b...

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Industry Developments & Outlook

The Government of India, in December 2014, lifted a rule that made traders re-export 20% gold they imported. In other words, if importers bought 100 units of gold into the country, they had to re-export 20 units earlier...

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